AleXa Stuns in Tender New MV "Juliet"


Global solosit AleXa returns with new single "Juliet" - a beautiful, soft ballad based on the iconic classical love story. 

After participating in Produce 48 and debuting in 2019 with "Bomb", AleXa took the Kpop scene by storm with her strong, dynamic image, energetic songs, and highly impressive dance skills. However, the star took to showing a different, softer, side of her with the release of "Juliet" - her first emotional ballad with smooth and stunning vocals. Leaving fans pleasantly surprised by her change of pace. 

Though her talents don't just lie in the performance of the song. The lyrics for the track were written by the star herself, and she is also credited as a composer alongside WD, Lotus Flow, Shawn Halim, and Boran

"Juliet" is also available in Spanish and as an instrumental, alongside a Sped Up version, and a series of remixes; Retro Electro, Disco, City Pop, and Drumline Trap.

Check out the MV for yourself here:

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