[Review] BTS Bring the Emotion in Heartfelt New Single "Take Two"

The festivities of Festa are in full effect and the latest BTS single, "Take Two," dropped on June 9th at 1 pm KST. The song delivers a heartfelt message to their fans, with the rap line members of the group, Kim Namjoon, Jung Hoseok, and Min Yoongi, penning the lyrics. 

Whilst the band recently released “The Planet” on the Bastions OST, fans have yet to of had a brand new OT7 track solely for release. Since the anthology album Proof was released last festa on June 10th, 2022 it’s been jam-packed with their solo debuts. “Yet to Come” was the main release and the message was clear, signaling an end to the first chapter and the promise of great things ahead. With a focus on their roots and a fresh start, the band is poised for an exciting future.

Since their last Festa, a lot has happened for the band, including *that* dinner. However, their recent achievements have been record-breaking and have given them a new sense of purpose as artists and as a band. “Take Two,” their latest release, begins with an acoustic guitar that sets a refreshing and light tone. Each band member shines in their own right, showcasing their individual harmonies, but they blend together seamlessly to create a relaxed warm comforting summer tune.

Rapline members add balance to the verses, with their soft vocals, and intricate raps that share their journey. The vocal line dominates the pre and main-chorus beautifully, not only catchy from the very first listen, but it also contains hidden messages and references to past works for devoted fans. Namjoon and J-Hope particularly evoke emotion and nostalgia with their verse:

Even when the desert becomes the sea, we swim together

Even the lonely whales, we're singing like them now

We're together so I'm not scared of hoping for eternity

Because you're my belief and my only reason

You're my silver lining

You the one who just light me up

Oh, I can always feel you beside me

The sunset hit the building

We are given to each other like this

Starting a new chapter with two members enlisted and five solo albums released for the start of their new chapter this OT7 song feels like a fresh restart button for their discography. Since then honest conversations have been shared about their fears for the future, but their doubts have allowed that to fade. Min Yoongi rounds of those fears softly rapping:

"It was possible because we were together with you.We were happy because we were together with you.We breathe to your voice and We stood up to your tears.Do we deserve to receive all of your generous love.The intersection of souls that we made over countless years"I'm so thankful and happy that we're together. Let's be happy in future too, please.”

The lyrics are jammed packed with emotion, comfort, happy elation, and importantly excitement for the future. In a statement, Bighit released the message and direction of the song describing it as a harmonious blend of the group's tender vocals, raps intricately expressing its journey, and an acoustic sound that exudes a warm atmosphere. The title "Take Two" means a new chapter in the band's journey since its debut in June 2013, it's a song that symbolizes both the group's onward journey and a promise to its dedicated fans, who have shared every moment thus far, to continue walking together in the future.

Fans are excited for the opportunity to sing with the group again, but in the meantime, BigHit has released the fan chant which will be played during the outdoor Festa event on June 17th.


Festa is currently ongoing, featuring offline and online events across Seoul with streaming available on Weverse. The family portrait, affectionately titled BTS 'APOBANGPO10', was released on June 8th at 10 pm KST. "Take Two" can now be streamed, bought, and downloaded on all platforms.

What do you think of “Take Two?” let us know, and be sure to stick around KpopWise for more updates on all your favorite K-pop artist and idols!

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