ATEEZ OUTLAW Weekend and Yeosang Birthday Project Held in London


UK ATINY brought a bit of ATEEZ to Soho, London by celebrating the groups new album "THE WORLD EP.2: OUTLAW" as well as member Yeosang's birthday. 

The event was held at NUTTEA Nut Mylk Tea, where you could get a special cupsleeve with your order before heading downstairs, where a table full of merch and freebies awaited visitors. 

Aside from the merch, the event was laden with friendly ATINY just vibing along to the music while ATEEZ videos and performances played over the projector.

The event will continue over the weekend until Sunday June 18th. And while tickets sales have already ended, walk-in fans are completely welcome to come and experience the event! So if you're an ATINY in London - why not grab a refreshing drink and check it out for yourself?

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May S

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