[Review] LUN 8 Set Hearts Light with Debut Single 'Wild Heart'

Kirsty Bright


Fantagio Entertainment rookie boy group Lun8 has started strong with the new single “WildHeart” released June 16. Lun8 means 8 boys with the moonlight that brightens up the dark night. The boys will be releasing music that’s easy to listen to, as well as the youthfulness of the members, and their own stories and ambitions. (1) The band is the first to debut under Fantagio since 2017 after Astro. 

While they may have big shoes to fill “Wildheart” packs a summery punch, kickstarting with a whistle tone to hook in and an earworm of a chorus that won't be forgotten. The song expertly blends rock, rap, and pop genres, resulting in a powerful debut. The music video highlights each member's individual talent and their impressive choreography as a group. The video also features various fun concepts that complement the song.

The eight-piece members (Jinsu, Junwoo, Ji Eunho, Eunseop, Dohyun, Ian Chael, and Takuma) had their official debut with the lead single taken from the mini album ‘Continue.’ With a five-tracklist, the boys do a great job of showing their talent with each track, The lead single from the album titled "Voyager" sets the tone for the rest of the album. The group showcases its talent and unique style through well-structured, radio-friendly pop numbers with an edgy twist.

Their debut feels different from other K-pop groups and worth a listen. Get to know more about the band via their official YouTube channel with fun content such as their weekly Real! Lun8 variety show. Alongside that, the official fan chant has been released for fans to practice watch below.



1. Voyager   

2. Wild Heart   

3. XX   

4. We Like It  

5. Live In The Moment  

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