BALLISTIK BOYZ from EXILE TRIBE Releases Single Album "Ding Ding Dong"

Ciera Reeves

Japanese dance and vocal group BALLISTIK BOYZ from EXILE TRIBE have released their new single "Ding Ding Dong". The lead song on this three-track single, ‘Ding Ding Dong’, portrays the struggle between “temptation” and “belief”, and depicts the moment when the final bell rings, time is up, and a decision must be made. This powerful song tests the very idea of “faith”.

In the music video, the concepts of “temptation” and “belief” are represented by contrasting black and white costumes and lighting, echoing the themes of the song. As the members of BALLISTIK BOYZ leave a deserted club to emerge into the outside world and dance on a rooftop, the video shows how the boys are taking new leaps into a wide-open future.

The single also includes two more songs. ‘All About U’ is a mid-tempo ballad that expresses the feeling of being reunited with someone you once loved, and all the emotions that come flooding back. ‘Lonely’ is a heartrending song that features a hip-hop track produced by member Miku Fukahori, with original lyrics by Rikiya Okuda and Riki Matsui

The single is available now on download and streaming platforms.

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