Stray Kids' Makes a Stellar Comeback: 'S-Class' Music Video & 3rd Full Album "5-STAR"

Thi Bui


Stray Kids makes a stellar comeback with the title track music video for “특 (S-Class)” and the release of their third full-length album “5-STAR”.

Today, Stray Kids released their third full-length album5-STAR” and the music video for their title track “특 (S-Class)”. Excited Stays (Stray Kids' official fandom name) have been anticipating this comeback following the release of “CASE 143”, which is the title track for their 7th Mini album “Maxident” back in October 2022. Stays made comments on the captivating teaser videos that were released on the JYP Entertainment Youtube channel making inferences on the concept being similar to cinematic movies. One fan commented on the “특 (S-Class)” M/V Teaser 1 video that the “Cinematography could pass as a movie.” 

Watch Stray Kids’ music video for 특 (S-Class)” below:

In the weeks leading up to the release of the music video, the JYP Entertainment Youtube channel posted various teaser videos including 5 track videos from the third full-length album for “DLC”, “FNF”, "죽어보자 (GET LIT)", “TOPLINE (Feat. Tiger JK)”, and “Youtiful”. Additionally, the JYP Entertainment Youtube channel released an ‘SKZOO’ version of the official music video teaser which showcases the members dancing to “특 (S-Class)” as their ‘SKZOO’ cartoon character. 

Check out the cute cartoon version of their “특 (S-Class)” dance below: 

What do you think of Stray Kids’ new comeback? Would you rate it 5 Stars? Let us know in the comments below! 

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