[Exclusive Interview] XTIE on Journey to Debut EP Apollo-23

Hong Kong-based Songstress, XTIE has released her debut EP, APOLLO-23, on June 2. A beautifully crafted physical copy is available for purchase here, and you can watch XTIE unbox the EP here. Recently making her debut in the GRAMMYS Press Play Series, XTIE is back to celebrate her 3-year music journey where she’s been writing, producing, and performing. APOLLO-23" is an ode to her journey as an artist, a celebration of her creativity and passion, and a testament to her “cosmic pop” sound. APOLLO-23 delves into XTIE's exploration of life, the universe, and the relationship between humanity and nature. Using the Greek myth, APOLLO is the God of Sun and Light, Music and dance, XTIE wishes to take you onboard onto her spaceship and enjoy a journey of self-discovery, self love, and she hopes her songs can be a beam of sunlight into listeners’ life. Despite our lack of understanding about ourselves, we are always curious about the world beyond our planet. In reality, we can board our own spaceship and explore ourselves, our life, our bodies, the world we inhabit, time, and embrace what we already have. 

With all 8 tracks written and produced by XTIE, each one was crafted with care and attention to detail. Focus track #5, #FF,” stands for final fantasy and is an Anthem of Independence for those who need it. XTIE explains

“it’s about realizing that your love to yourself is more important than relying on other people's love. I don't need to romanticize this toxic situation, I just need to walk away and celebrate my independence and self love.”

Flower Town
sets the EP’s tone with its dreamy, ethereal sound and lyrics that speak of longing and yearning. Spaceship is a catchy, pop-infused tune that's impossible not to sing along to, while “Skin” is a haunting, melancholic ballad that will leave you feeling raw and vulnerable. Skin (under the skin ver.) is a bonus track only available by purchasing a physical album. It’s a re-imagined live recording version of XTIE’s new arrangement. Track #6, 麥田看守員” (Field of Gold), is sang in Cantonese and an ode to XTIE’s hometown of Hong Kong. With lyrics about being thankful for what you already have and not chasing something that isn’t meant for you, XTIE wrote this as a “thank you” to her supporters throughout the years.

APOLLO-23 Listen on Spotify

1. Flower Town

    2. Spaceship
      3. Virgo
        4. Skin
          5. #FF
            6. 麥田看守員 (Field of Gold)
              7. Cloud 9
                8. Skin (under the skin ver.) (BONUS TRACK - only available via physical copy)

                We recently chatted with XTIE to discuss her debut EP release Apollo-23. Check out the exclusive interview with Emma of KpopWise here! 

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