VAV is Back After 2 Years and 9 Months with 7th Mini Album Subcönscióus

Ciera Reeves

VAV has returned with their 7th mini album, Subcönscióus after a long hiatus of two years and nine months as members completed their military service. The album title represents the subconscious part of the mind, conveying a message of hope that everyone has the potential to make themselves shine.

Subcönscióus has five new tracks, and the title track "Designer” is another extension of VAV's Latin-influenced music style, following their previous releases "Senorita" and "Give Me More." With members Lou and Ayno participating in writing its lyrics, "Designer" carries out the message that everyone is just like a ‘designer’ who can design their own life.

Designer Music Video 

In addition to 'Designer", the members participated in the production of all five songs included in the new album, which demonstrates their artistic growth and passion for this comeback.

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