K-Pop Throwback with MAMAMOO’s ‘Egotistic’


As a second single track of the seventh extended MAMAMOO’s album ‘Red Moon’, the track ‘Egotistic’, released on July 16, 2018, attracted my attention the first time I listened to it. 

I personally think this song is one of the best the members have made so far. No matter how many times I listen to it, it’s like the first time. 

The initial instrumental bound with a soft, strong voice of HWASA introduces the first verse, wrapping up with a powerful chorus with SOLAR and WHEEIN. Obviously, the unforgettable MOONBYUL rapping culminated with an interlude full of emotions and words like ‘It’s not fun’, ‘It’s enough’, ‘I’m ready to go my way’, ‘Regret it’, and so on. 

The lyrics tell the difficulty of turning away who broke your heart, but in the end, everything is fine since ‘I’ll do it my way’. 

The song has a Spanish-Latin vibe and it’s more or less entirely in Korean, apart from a few English words. 

The official music video is colorful with fluttering dresses, a leopard, a car, and  Mamamoo’s sensuality. 

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Silvia Luoni

Silvia has been a fan of Korean pop since 2016. Her bias group is NCT. She likes writing, reading, photography and Korean Culture.

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