Searches for STRAY KIDS 5 STARS Skyrocketed 2012.5% with Record Breaking Album Pre-orders

Analysis of Google search data reveals that online searches for ‘Stray Kids 5 Stars” exploded 212.5% worldwide on May 30as the latest album of the Korean boy band became the most pre-ordered of all time.

New insights by 6Takarakuji reveal that the 8-member group Stray Kids have broken yet another record with their latest full album, ‘5-STAR’, which was released on Friday, June 2. On top of this, Stray Kids' '5-STAR' up until today, June 7 records 4,124,849 copies sold, only 5 days after release.

A spokesperson for 6Takarakuji commented on the findings:

 “It is well known by now for anyone who follows K-pop even from afar that Stray Kids are one of the most profitable and therefore successful boy groups of what is commonly called ‘4th generation’. The data gathered regarding the pre-order numbers and the Google searches only seem to confirm this even further, as the group is currently at the centre of Worldwide talks.”

Stray Kids debuted in 2018, making the 8-member group only five years old, but already capable through their popularity and fan base of being next to some of the most well-known names of K-pop such as BTS and BLACKPINK

“These numbers are not only a testament to the group’s great beginning but also a prediction of their shining future, as pre-orders and support only seem destined to grow as the group solidifies itself as a pillar of a newer and fresher generation of K-pop artists”.

 Sources: Google Trends and Hanteo Chart

Ciera Reeves

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