Mnet Announces ZEROBASEONE'S First Reality Show CAMP ZEROBASEONE

Ciera Reeves


On June 9 Mnet released the official poster for "CAMP ZEROBASEONE," the first solo reality show of ZEROBASEONE

In the poster, ZEROBASEONE members are seen smiling brightly against the backdrop of a special edition camper, raising expectations with fresh visuals.

"CAMP ZEROBASEONE" is a camping reality show in which the members go on a trip in a camper. In a situation where everything is zero, they create the environment themselves.

The friendship and chemistry between the members is expected. The production team said, “The members carry out the mission. It will be fun to see the strong relationship between them.”

A behind-the-scenes video will also be released later. “In addition to camping and mission performance videos, we prepared various behind-the-scenes videos,” he said, adding, “It contains the colorful characters of the members.”

ZEROBASEONE is a boy group formed through the Mnet audition program "Boys Planet." Nine boys from various countries such as Korea, China, and Canada gathered.

The team name means the brilliant beginning of the nine members. It means “starting from zero (0) and being born as a circle (1)”. They plan to work as a project group for 2 years and 6 months. The group is set to debut July 10. 

Meanwhile, "CAMP ZEROBASEONE" is a trilogy. The first broadcast is June 22 at 8:50 pm KST.


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