NCT DoJaeJung Meets Czennies for a Special Fancon in Manila

NCT DoJaeJung successfully wrapped up their Manila Fancon on June 24 with their Filipino Czennies at the Mall of Asia Arena, and KpopWise got you covered on what went down during the DJJ weekend.

It was a lingering, long-lasting scent even to spend a night with Doyoung, Jaehyun, and Jungwoo for a special fancon for their latest album and as the newest NCT unit.

The trio kicked off the event with a performance of one of their b-sides, “Kiss", that instantly filled the arena with the screams and cheers of their fans, clearly ecstatic to see them again after the group’s concert in Manila in the same venue last year.

Aside from their thrilling performances, the members also had the opportunity to share stories and TMIs as they prepared for their album and their overall thoughts while having the three of them paired up for a new unit.

Jungwoo shared that through this album, they were able to create a scent that specifically fit their personalities. During promotions, Doyoung gives the fans a peek at one thing that makes him excited: the post-schedule eat-out with the members, as they have similar tastes when it comes to food.

In returning to the Philippines, Jaehyun proved that Manila is indeed sweet as vanilla to him, as he always feels good to be back in the country with their new music to share with their Filipino fans. DJJ also shared that they are interested in trying Filipino food, and they later revealed through their Instagram stories that they got a taste of the famous Filipino dessert, Halo-halo.

The members also got the chance to answer some of the questions coming from their fans, such as their future plans in their career and other fun questions that, for sure, satisfied the curiosity of their Filipino Czennies.

The excitement of fans was far from dying down as they performed more of their songs, including “Dive” and “Can We Go Back.” But the next segment made the fans go wild, as three lucky fans got the chance to play charades with the members.

The magical night has come to an end, but not without performing their title track, “Perfume", and a surprise message from the members for their fans, which was followed by a heartfelt performance of their ballad track, “Ordinary”.

DoJaeJung concluded their fancon with "Strawberry Sunday" before saying their final goodbyes to their fans.

It was an intimate and memorable time for fans to meet the boys and give them support, just as Doyoung, Jaehyun, and Jungwoo gave them strength through their music.

It may be a bittersweet moment to leave the arena, but the memories made with DoJaeJung will linger and will leave a sweet and warm scent for everyone.

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