[Review] 8TURN Return with 2nd Mini Album 'Uncharted Drift'

Kirsty Bright


8TURN is back with their 2nd mini album Unchartered Drift the five-tracklist is an explosive mix of eclectic genres that grip from the start. The album released on 26th June at 6 pm KST sees the eight-piece bring a fresh, fun, and encapsulating album to new and old


8TURN is made up of eight members; Myungho (vocalist) Jaeyun (leader & vocalist) Yoongsung (vocalist) Minho (Vocalist) Haemin (vocalist) Kyungmin (vocalist) Yungyu (Rapper) and Seungheon (Rapper and Maknae.) The band was selected through the WAG (world audition for guys) audition program. January saw the release of their debut mini-album 8TURNRISE and with “Tic Tac” as the lead track with a music video.

The album starts with “World” a spoken word monologue, telling a tale, it's haunting and apocalyptic-themed. The song is a must listen, it does what albums should do - hook you in from the start, the music creates a loud story yet is balanced well by the harmonic tones of the vocal line. The lead track from the album “Excel” saw the release of an accompanying music video it reflects the message of frustrated youth. The song centers around “The commotion on a midsummer night of 8TURN unravels the desire for deviation from the repeated daily life! Only doing big things and X-EXCEL."

After the upbeat loud and proud track “Walk it Out”, the album takes a more calming and beautiful turn with the dulcet tones of the vocal lines, although simplistic it's catchy, and an easy-listening track. “Sketch” leads nicely into “Ing” These two songs flow seamlessly together, creating a peaceful contrast to the beginning of the album. Overall, Uncharted Drift is a well-structured and powerful album that showcases the exciting potential of 8turn for the future.

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