[Exclusive Interview] JUNNY on the Release of "INVITATION," Collaboration, and Artistic Growth

Ciera Reeves

On July 6, JUNNY released his latest single 'INVITATION' featuring  GAEKO of Dynamic DuoIn 2020, JUNNY was the final winner of the <8bar Relay> held by Codeshare x TikTok. The winner of the project was given the opportunity to release the song, which was ultimately obtained by JUNNY due to his immense talent. After much anticipation, the wait is over and the full version of the song has finally been unveiled. The single is of the R&B/Hip-Hop and Soul/Pop genres and is about inviting your crush to your home for a romantic night. 

'INVITATION' Music Video

In this interview, JUNNY provides insights into the inspiration behind "INVITATION" and the influence of collaborating with renowned artist GAEKO. Additionally, he reflects on his musical growth and shares his plans for the future, leaving us eager to hear what lies ahead.

The release of "INVITATION" must be an exciting moment for you. What aspects of this song's release are you most enthusiastic about?

I’m just happy that the song is finally releasing as a full version and for the fans who have been waiting patiently, I can finally tell you the song is here to listen!

What was your inspiration behind the creation of the song "INVITATION"? Could you tell us more about the story that influenced its lyrics?

At first, when the song was a challenge, I just wanted to go with the flow of the beat and enjoy as much as I can, the lyrics just came naturally almost like a freestyle. The part when I sing the hook it’s actually an homage to a song by Dynamic Duo.

Collaborating with GAEKO on "INVITATION" must have been an awesome opportunity. How did his presence contribute to the overall sound and vibe of the song?

Like I said, referencing a Dynamic Duo song during the challenge and to eventually having GAEKO on the track it almost feels like a complete full circle. I love his verse and it automatically gives that extra kick that I wanted. Shoutout to GAEKO and Ameoba Culture!

 Is there something unique or special that you hope listeners will take away from the song? 

It’s a groovy & hip summertime bop where you can enjoy alone, at a party, or on your earphones during commute and I think It’ll potentially excite your day if you take a listen.

As you reflect on your musical journey, how do you feel your sound has evolved since the beginning of your career? Are there any particular experiences or influences that have played a significant role in shaping your artistic growth?

I’m just continuing to learn as I go, I’ve definitely evolved through the years and become more mature in how I write and approach music. I also want to keep myself young-minded and focus on trying new things because why not? You only live once lol.

R&B has a rich history with many talented artists. Who are some of your favorite R&B artists from the past and present that you would love to have a conversation with? 


Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Brian McKnight, Bruno Mars, Harry Styles, The Weeknd, etc. the list goes on and on and on.

Are there any lessons or experiences from your own career that you would tell to someone who wants to be an artist? 

Just enjoy what you do and be thankful for everyone who supports you, helps you, and who’s there for you when you’re in need. It’s not a road to walk alone and it’s so important to have good people around you.

Summer is here, what are your favorite activities to do in the summer?

Go for drives, make music, walk my dog, eat good food, and enjoy the sun.

Looking ahead, what are your plans for the future? Are there any upcoming projects or collaborations that you're excited about and can share with your fans?

There are a few in the works so please stay tuned and also more opportunities to meet my fans! Can’t wait to share the news with you all but in the meantime, hope you enjoy INVITATION ft GAEKO!


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Thank you to JUNNY for the interview. 

All photos courtesy of Mauve Company 

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