FEMM to Appear at the UK’s Biggest J-culture Event HYPER JAPAN This July

Neo Tokyo’s FEMM, a pair of sentient mannequins sent from the future, recently announced that 2023 will be their final year within our timeline. Their mission here has been completed and they will go back to the future shortly. Before they go, the unit’s members RiRi and LuLa will spend their July with us by appearing at Japan-related festivals in the UK and Germany. Also, collaboration with Japanese pop-culture outlet Village Vanguard was announced.

FEMM will appear at the UK’s biggest J-culture event HYPER JAPAN on Saturday 22 July, followed by Geek Festival in Germany on Friday 28 July. It will be their final time to appear at HYPER JAPAN, and their first and final time to perform at Geek Festival. Performance times and meet & greet schedules can be found below.

FEMM has also announced a collaboration with Japan’s pop-culture purveyors Village Vanguard, where a selection of Tshirts, airpod cases, towels, posters and various other merchandise has been made available for the first time. Fans outside of Japan can order using Village Vanguard’s international webshop

FEMM, which was recently revealed to stand for “Far East ‘Military’ Mannequin”, are intelligent dolls forced to perform in proxy wars on behalf of humans. However, when FEMM units RiRi and LuLa arrived within our timeline in 2013, only their “memories” were sent across time and space and connected with two humans. One of these humans has been revealed to be Emily Kaiho, who was previously an actress, dancer and model who has appeared alongside Woody Harrelson, Josh Hartnett and GACKT in the movie BUNRAKU. The other human’s identity who synched with LuLa’s memories has yet to be revealed. The full debriefing from FEMMs Agency Syndicate is below, along with personal messages from RiRi and LuLa to fans, and to their respective human hosts.

Since appearing in our world in 2013, FEMM has released four CDs internationally, including breakout release FEMM-Isation with their hit ‘Fxxk Boyz Get Money’, and latest albums Tokyo Girls Anthem and Tokyo Ex Machina.

FEMM July 2023 Festival Dates:

HYPER JAPAN, Olympia, London, UK

Date: Saturday 22 July 2023

Meet & Greet: 16:00-16:30

Performance: 19:30-20:15

Geek Festival, Feierwerk, Munich, Germany

Date: Friday 28 July 2023

Performance: 23:30-00:30 

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