[Exclusive Interview] Meet E:LFIN: The Newest Kpop Girl Group on the Rise

E:LFIN is the latest girl group from South Korea poised to make a splash in the K-pop scene. Comprising talented members SeoA, Sika, and Ari, the group has been generating a buzz with their remarkable vocal abilities and captivating stage presence. Adding to the intrigue, an unrevealed member will complete the quartet, leaving fans eager to discover the final piece of the puzzle. With their debut single album, "LOVE:ON," released July 18, expectations are soaring as music enthusiasts anticipate an unforgettable introduction to E:LFIN's enchanting and promising journey in the world of music.

During a recent interview, I had the fantastic opportunity to sit down and chat with the talented members of E:LFIN, just before their much-awaited single album "LOVE:ON" hit the airwaves. We delved into their passion for music, their journey as a group, and what fans could expect from their debut. The excitement and enthusiasm radiating from SeoA, Sika, Ari, were contagious, leaving no doubt that their musical talents and dedication would surely make a lasting impact in the K-pop industry.

Hello! Please introduce yourselves and state one interesting fact about you.

E:LFIN: Two, three! Smile! E:LFIN. Hello, we are E:LFIN!

SEOA: Hello! This is SeoA, the eldest and leader in E:LFIN. An interesting fact about me is that I'm the only member who uses my real name for activities and, as a leader, I'm a bit more laid-back and less strict than I thought I would be when it comes to taking care of the members.

SIKA: Hello! I'm Sika of E:LFIN! I'm actually the shortest in our team.

ARI: Hello, I'm the youngest main dancer of Elfin, Ari! My name comes from a famous game character.

What is the overall concept or theme of your debut single album "LOVE:ON"?

ARI: It could be someone who wants someone else's attention and love, but wants [that person] without trying to make it clear... Love is naturally difficult, after all!

SEOA: "LOVE:ON" is a song that expresses self-esteem and living a happy life by loving oneself rather than seeking the attention and love of others. However, it also expresses feelings of unrequited love and wanting to be noticed by a crush! But, depending on how listeners perceive it, the song can be interpret in various ways with multiple meanings

SIKA: It expresses a lovely and cute atmosphere!

Are there any specific producers or songwriters involved in your debut album?

ARI: Actually, it was an honor for me to participate in songwriting with my lovely sister Seoa. Although I may have been somewhat inexperienced, I would be grateful if listeners could view it positively. I will continue to work hard and produce good results, so please look forward to it.

What sets E:LFIN apart from other girl groups in the South Korean music industry?

ARI: I feel like there are many things [unique] to us! We have a lot of beauty and values of our own, and we also have many concepts and ideas...there are so many things we want to do! Each member has their own unique characteristics.

SEOA: The part I feel proud of in our team is that each of the three members has different charms, strengths, and unique concepts. Even our fans acknowledge that all three of us have distinct charms and strengths! When discussing concepts among ourselves, we focus on what we can uniquely do and what we must do, which leads to the creation of exceptional concepts. Having a distinctive concept can be both an advantage and a disadvantage, but we consider it an advantage, and we will work hard to prove that our belief is not wrong through our activities! Please keep supporting us!

Are there any special stages or performances planned for your debut showcase?

ARI: We have prepared our own solo performances. Everyone please look forward to it!

SEOA: In fact, [some time ago], we had prepared the LOVE:ON showcase... but we wanted to come out with even better songs and performances, so we had to proceed with the showcase featuring different songs instead of our debut song. We were really eager to show our fans the [debut] song we had worked so hard on, and I remember how disappointed the members were [at the time]. 
If given the opportunity, we would love to host the LOVE:ON showcase again and create a great stage together with our fans!

When did each of you know you wanted to embark on a career in music?

SIKA: I've been dreaming [about it] since elementary school!

ARI: I've loved dancing and singing since I was young, I think this is why I've come this far.

SEOA: I think I had the vague idea of wanting to become a celebrity while watching senior figures who appeared on TV at that time. Also, back then, I thought only celebrities could ride in a van, so I wanted to become a celebrity. It took a long time until my debut song, but I believe I gained a lot during that period. Without that time, I wouldn't be where I am today.

How have fans responded to your pre-debut activities and announcements so far?
SEOA: Actually, I had a lot of worries before I started my activities.. The members talked about it too, but I had a lot of worries about "Will they like us?"
But as our team was released and "LOVE:ON" was released one by one, not only fans in Korea but fans all over the world cheered us on through DMs and comments.
Thanks to them, I was able to cheer up and finish it well. We will continue to work hard so that we won't disappoint our fans, so we would appreciate it if you all show a lot of interest and love until the end of E:LFIN!

ARI: I'd like to add, thank you to the fans for always loving me and us. I think we'll repay you and continue to have a good relationship.

Are there any known collaborations or featured artists in your debut album?

ARI: Everyone is curious, right? I shouldn't tell yet ㅎㅎ, please keep watching. 

SIKA: We believe that there will be a great opportunity to work with famous people soon!
What other KPop acts do you admire or look up to?

SIKA: I really respect BLACKPINK!

ARI: Well.. There are so many, but BTS! I think the BTS members are truly amazing. They have been celebrities I've watched since I was young, so it feels even more fascinating and cool [to be in the industry]! I also want to grow into an impressive person with the members!
SEOA: Choosing just one person is indeed a difficult question.. hehe. Personally, I think all celebrities are amazing and admirable. I seem to be drawn to senior figures who are trustworthy leaders and people we can rely on, probably because I want to become a leader like that for our members! Hopefully, someday others will consider us as their role models too.

What are the expectations and goals that E:LFIN has set for themselves in the competitive K-pop industry?

ARI: It's funny, but I think my goal is to not disappoint everyone and continue to work hard and shine like the sun forever.

SIKA: I want to work hard until the day when fans get excited and gain strength with our songs!
SEOA: I didn't set a goal that was too high and too far away! I believe that if we continue to show the genres and concepts that we want to do while cheering and encouraging each other like now, one day our sincerity will come.

In the lyrics of our song, "Even if a high wave comes, you don't lose your smile." "Like that sun, it shines forever." There's a lyric like this. P
ersonally, it's my favorite lyrics in this song. Like the lyrics, I hope our team and the members shine!

Closing remarks:

SEOA: It was such an honor to speak to you and KpopWise and I think it was such a happy time that I didn't even know how time went by during the interview! 

Our first debut album, "LOVE:ON", released on July 18th. Please show a lot of interest and love.  As E:LFIN has taken our first step, will continue to show various sides of ourselves so please show us lots of interest and love! 

This has been E:LFIN! Thank you!


Thank you to the ladies of E:LFIN for this wonderful interview!

You can follow the group on their official Instagram account, here: E:LFIN IG

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