F.CUZ Release New Single 'Summer Days' (2023) as a 6 Member Group

Group F.CUZ which debuted in 2010, have released a new song with debut member LeeU (Lumin) for the first time in 13 years.

On July 29, F.CUZ released the new song 'Summer Days (2023).' For the fans who have been waiting for F.CUZ for a long time, the group presents a cool summer.

'Summer Days (2023)' is the complete 2023 version of the single 'Summer You' released by members Jinon, Raehyun, and Kan in 2020. It is a newtro genre song with trendy synth and 8-bit drum sounds.

This new song adds meaning to the fact that the members of F.CUZ broke the long 'Gunbaekgi' and that they were the same members at the time of their debut in 2010, and that the current members Jinon, LeeU, Daegeon, Raehyun, Kan, and Yejun are together as a full lineup after 13 years.

'Summer Days' Special Clip Video 

M.O.T Entertainment representative producers and composers Park Jung-wook and Kim Jun-il, who created hit songs for numerous singers such as Ailee, Kim Ho-joong, and Wanna One participated in the song's production. In addition, composer Jung Chan-hee, who worked on Gilgu Bong-gu's 'Goodbye', added strength to create a song with high perfection.

F.CUZ previously received a lot of love from global fans, winning the top spot on the Japanese Tower Records weekly chart and the top spot on the Taiwanese music site Omusic's K-POP chart with their Japanese single. Starting with this new song, it is expected that they will once again leap forward as 'global idols' amidst the explosive love of global fans.


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