XEED Ready for Comeback with 2 New Members for 2nd Mini Album Blue


XEED shakes the music scene with a thrilling official announcement: shockingly unveiling to join new members, and the release of their highly-anticipated 2nd mini-album 'BLUE’!  - What does this chemistry of the five members create in their "BLUE"?

"Our dreams sparkle right before our eyes, as if they could be reached at any moment.It might be an elusive illusion that we cannot physically grasp, no matter how much we strive forward. However, our aspirations for the dreams we hold in our hearts are finally leading us to the paradise we have long awaited.

The 2nd album, "BLUE," portrays the journey of XEED who set out for Dreamland and encountered new companions to embark on the adventure together. (*The meaning of BLUE of 2nd Album is more likely Cloudy, foggy BLUE. They are missing on the way to seek Dreamland which they escaped in the 1st album. )
The title track, "BLUE," showcases a tropical and lively sound, with the members' fresh vocals interweaving to enhance the completeness of the song. The harmony of synth added to the beautiful instruments bestows listeners with a journey through fantasy and energy.

 It incorporates an irresistibly catchy melody that leaves an indelible mark on the ears, along with XEED's unique sensibilities, and a message of hope, offering a refreshing rhythm that alleviates the scorching heat of midsummer. 

In anticipation of the release of their new mini-album on August 1st, the music video for the title track "Blue" will also be unveiled on the same day! Please look forward to the new and revitalized XEED as they return with a five-member lineup.

<New Members’ Profile>

●UO : Debut as a member of the South Korean boy group TOP SECRET in 2017, active until 2020. Released a self-produced album titled Restart in 2023. Also confirmed to star as Koo Sanghe in the upcoming drama "Sun and Moon Dance" (scheduled for 2023 broadcast) and as Evan in the JTBC drama "Pita is Love" (scheduled to air this year). Additionally, served as a model for various advertisements, including HP laptops, the sports brand "e-peak," Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education (video), Matpo District Adult Departure Support Fund, and public service advertisements for the Daegu Metropolitan City regarding the novel coronavirus.

●SHUN (Shun): Debut as a member and leader of the South Korean boy group TARGET in 2017, active until 2019. On November 24, 2017, the MV for their debut single ""Atsui Omoi" was released, and on December 20 of the same year, they made their Japanese debut with the single ""Atsui Omoi. In the following year, they achieved their Korean debut with the album "Alive." In 2019, Shun was chosen as the main cover model for the Thai fashion magazine "KAZZ-MAGAZINE."

 <Release information>

Release : August 1st, 2023
(Label : Nature Space)

  • Tracklist
  • 01 Blue
  • 02 With U
  • 03 You&I
  • 04 손을잡아줘
  • 05 Priceless

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