Jungkook (BTS) Releases Sizzling Music Video Teaser for "Seven" (feat. Latto)

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The sixth member of BTS to enter chapter two with their solo debut is Jeon Jungkook with his new single “Seven feat Latto.” The single to be released on July 14th at 1 pm KST has been preceded by numerous teasers and concept photos that suggest a more daring and revealing persona for Jungkook. Despite being known for his smooth and silky vocals, "Seven" looks to be a more intense and passionate side of his singing abilities. In another surprise, it’s revealed that American Rapper and singer Latto will also feature on the track. 

The official music video teaser was released 12th July 12 pm KST putting truth to the rumors about the incredibly talented  K-Drama actress Han So Hee featuring alongside Jungkook. Her role in the clip is flawless and she and Jungkook are depicted as quarreling lovers. Jungkook sings the firey lyrics "Weight of the world on your shoulders, I kissed your waist to ease your mind" in a dimly lit, romantic setting with what looks set to be a tumultuous storyline to match the emotional weight of the song.

This week in his Behind the Scenes Recording concept film we see Jungkook fly to the US where he worked with American producer and “Producer of the Year” 2021 Grammy Award winner Andrew Watt. During the clip we not only hear tiny segments of Seven but the growth in Jungkook as he admits “I think I gained some confidence in believing that I can do this.” He described “Seven” as “a song that can receive recognition” and reveals it’s a song that people “can listen to with ease.”

Meanwhile, Andrew Watt confidently proceeds to state that “Hearing him on his own on this song… It’s pretty dangerous what’s about to happen.” The mini teaser has proven his statement to perhaps be true. 

The new track will have its first live performance on release day as part of New York’s GMA summer festival. Seven is released on 14th July at 1 pm KST, are you excited about the release? Follow KpopWise for the latest on your favorite Idols!

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