[Photo Gallery] TRI.BE Wrap Up VIDA LOCA 2023 US Tour

Ciera Reeves

TRI.BE in LA by Emma V. 

On July 3, TRI.BE wrapped up their 2023 US Tour "VICA LOCA," marking an extraordinary milestone for the rising rookies. Over the course of the tour, the talented group captivated audiences with their electrifying performances and infectious energy, leaving a lasting impression on fans across the country. 

TRI.BE showcased their versatility as artists, seamlessly performing their songs and cover songs by other well-known K-pop artists,  while delivering powerful choreography showcasing their impeccable skills. 

As they bid farewell to their enthusiastic American supporters, TRI.BE's journey continues to skyrocket, promising even greater success and countless more unforgettable performances in the future.

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Check out the photo galleries below! 

TRI.BE in Boston

 TRI.BE in Philadelphia
By Jesse @xoczukxx

 By Emma @emmafayev

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