K-pop Throwback with EXO’s ‘Lightsaber’

This K-pop throwback is dedicated to one of my favorite songs of all time: EXO’s ‘Lightsaber’. 

Being a project in collaboration with Disney Korea for the coming out of ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’, the track emphasizes some Star Wars refers, but largely the aspects contained into the concept called ‘EXO Theory’ rounding the group since their debut as aliens from a distant planet called ‘EXOPLANET’. 

The lyrics—written with the help of CHANYEOL himself— quote keywords such as ‘light’ — as the power of one of the members, BAEKHYUN— the ‘darkness’ from which they are runaway from, the ‘blue flower’ featuring the live stage during the ‘EXORDIUM’ tour, and also including clearly references to the ‘Star Wars’ saga like ‘lightsaber’ which is repeated many times in the chorus, and in the music video the Star-Wars-inspired pub where at the entrance are the words ‘Jedi Only’. 

The song has three versions: the Korean one— was released on November 11, 2015, as a single, and later featured the ‘Sing For You’ EP— the Chinese one on December 10, 2015, the Chinese EP version of ‘Sing For You’ and later on December 17, 2015, as a single in Japanese

The powerful voices —features CHEN, BAEKHYUN, SUHO, and D.O.— collapsed with the strong rap-duo— features CHANYEOL, and SEHUN— meeting the soft but amazing XIUMIN, KAI, and LAY’s voices. 

The official music video includes only three members: BAEKHYUN, KAI, and SEHUN, and the track is not full but only a part was released in the music video. 

The three members speak up about the music video in this interview. 

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Silvia Luoni

Silvia has been a fan of Korean pop since 2016. Her bias group is NCT. She likes writing, reading, photography and Korean Culture.

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