[Photo Gallery / Review] Tri.Be and TRUE Light-Up LA

Photo by McCayla McClard

On July 3, rookie K-pop girl group Tri.Be began the last show of their first-ever US tour! The seven-member group consisting of SongSun, Kelly, Hyunbin, Jia, Soeun, and Mire (member Jinha is currently on hiatus) embarked on every K-pop idol’s dream and took America by storm this tour! They took to social media at each stop to showcase their Leo Present’s tour staff and fans alike doing their dance challenge for ‘Wonderland.’ This is a gift to American TRUEs because it’s an English version released specifically for this tour.

The gifts and love didn’t stop there though! The girls and fans alike had high energy and excitement all night. Pre-show VIP events took place with the members participating in a fan sign and group photo opt that gave everyone a relaxed and fun time before the soundcheck. During soundcheck, VIP TRUEs got to see the girls perform three songs before the show began. Showing their charms and love for their fans from start to finish. Once all pre-show VIP perks were over the doors opened and the Palace Theater really started buzzing with excitement! Fans hurried in, grabbed merch on their way in, and grabbed their seats. 

Before showtime, a voice came over the loudspeaker and informed the theater of the special plans they have for the last show. The voice asked all fans to keep it a secret, but that during the encore everyone will need to put their phone flashlights up, and the members would be presented with a cake to congratulate them on the end of a wonderful tour. Next, everyone was informed that there would be a surprise for TRUE as well prepared by the members!

Photo by McCayla McClard

The show began with a bang! Started with ‘Loca which is a fan favorite b-side from their debut album! The energy in the theatre was unmatched with Tri.be and TRUEs singing and dancing their hearts out to all their favorite tracks. Halfway through the show, the members broke off into units with Sonsun, Jia, and Mire performing, Got Your Back,’ and members Seoun, Hyunbin, and Kelly performed, ‘-18.’ Followed by the group showing off their dance skills with a boy group dance medley. Tri.be did dance covers to songs like Shoot Out’ by Monsta X, Ready to Love by Seventeen, and ‘The Real by Ateez. Another gift the girls of Tri.be gave their LA fans was a cover of EXO’s Love Me Right!

TRUEs also got the chance to ask the girls questions! A board was set up outside for fans to put sticky notes with questions for the members. On stage, the girls got to pick a few notes answering questions like what food they recommend, as well as a request to a random dance play where everyone danced to ‘Tomboy by (G)-IDLE, Run BTSby BTS, and Fighting!by BSS. Tri.be’s manager even participated sharing his love for the members and how proud he is of them and their team for this tour.

When the encore finally came around and it was finally TRUE’s time to give with the big gift to Tri.be, it went off without a hitch! The members came out and were immediately touched by the show of love. They received the cake and while a few members got emotional they all expressed their immense gratitude to not only fans but everyone who made this tour and dream possible. Then it was announced that Tri.be had another gift for LA TRUE! During a safety announcement let fans know that the girls would be coming through the aisle to get closer to fans and have fun one last time this tour! Fans and the member danced and sang their hearts out, a beautiful way to end a successful tour.

After the show, VIP perks ensued! Fans apart of VIP got to participate in a hi-touch and then fans who purchased tickets got to take a selfie with the member(s) of their choice! Tri.be and their LA fans finished the night with laughs and shared words of love and appreciation. 

Finally, the lights at Palace Theatre in LA when down, trucks were loaded, and doors were locked. Marking the end of Tri.be’s first-ever US tour. A month-long endeavor, with 17 stops, Tri.be and Leo Present’s put on a phenomenal show and defiantly made their mark on America.

On behalf of all of us here at KpopWise, we congrats the members and staff on an amazing tour and we cannot wait to meet again!

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