[Exclusive Interview] Get to Know Co-ed Thai Band DAYNIM

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Daynim is a talented co-ed band from Bangkok, Thailand, consisting of four members: Pleng (vocalist, keyboardist), Soe (vocalist, rapper, guitarist), Get (bassist), and Kan (drummer). They made their debut on August 5, 2019, captivating audiences with their first digital single titled "Would You"

One of the distinctive aspects that sets Daynim apart is their remarkable ability to blend various genres such as RnB, Hiphop, and Pop. This genre-blending approach has allowed them to craft a distinct and authentic sound that truly reflects their individuality as artists.

The group's latest single, "Glossy Lips", taken from their second album, "PSSST!" aims to transport listeners into an iconic scene from a classic rom-com high-school movie—the unforgettable dressing-for-a-party moment. In conjunction with the release of the single, Daynim has unveiled an eye-catching music video that complements the track's narrative.

I recently had the pleasure to interview Daynim to discuss their musical journey.  

Can you introduce yourselves and tell us how the band Daynim came together?


Pleng: Hello, KpopWise people, we are Daynim. We first met and got together in college. Right after graduation, we decided to continue making Daynim happen.


How would you describe the sound and style of Daynim's music?


Pleng: We mainly stick to a mixture of RnB/Hiphop/Pop sound that meets the global standard. But we try to keep our minds open and explore new sounds in the market.

Could you walk us through the process of creating your debut digital single "Would You"?

Pleng: We started our “Would You” demo back when we still lived together in a rented house.

 From making beats on a sample pad, dropping simple loop beats on Ableton, and keys and vocal jamming to mixing and mastering with our own budget. 

How has your music evolved since your debut? Are there any notable changes in your sound or approach?

Pleng: Our latest album “PSSST!” clearly changed in terms of the concept, sounds and mixing. We see this album as our first ‘concept’. Also, we played around with samples mixed with real instruments. The vocals are more playful and characteristic. 

 Can you share some insights into the creative process behind your first studio album "Pssst!"?

Pleng: The first thing is that we want to put the whole movie into the album as it should be played from the beginning to the end. The stories were borrowed from a Netflix original series “Sex Education”. So, enjoy the story!

Could you discuss the themes or messages explored in the songs on "Pssst!"?

Pleng: Many messages were put in the songs. We want to encourage self-love and be voices of social issues like bullying and consent. Like in the track “Sunkissed”, we particularly focused on verbal consent. And in “Glossy Lips”, we mainly cheered everyone with the concept of confidence in their own bodies.

How have fans and critics responded to the release of "Pssst!"? Do you have any standout reviews or feedback?

Pleng: Everyone was clearly eased into the storylines we told. We are excited to see international press reviews  like Music Crowns and FLEX music blog. Definitely refreshing to hear from people on the other side of the world. 

Are there any particular songs from "Pssst!" that hold special meaning to the band or have an interesting backstory?

Pleng:PBNJ” holds deep personal meanings. We simply put an example of a toxic relationship and the overcoming stage of it. This was inspired by Pleng’s story. The fact that the name of the track is PBNJ defines the controversy of its popularity kind of fit perfectly into the story. 

Can you give us a glimpse into any upcoming projects or future plans for Daynim?

Pleng: We are now in the touring mode. We will be playing gigs in Taiwan in September. Hopefully, we will find more international exposure soon. 

Any message you would like to relay to your fans?

Pleng: Thank you so much for continuing supporting us. We hope you guys dig into “PSSST!” from the beginning to the end.


Thank you to Daynim for the interview.

You can watch the music video to their latest single “Glossy Lips” below.

You can also stream their single on Spotify.

Don't forget to follow them on their official Instagram and Twitter accounts: Daynim IG | Daynim Twitter

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