[Review] Mirae Brings Back the 90's with New Album 'Boys Will be Boys'


Mirae the seven-member group has released its 5th mini album ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ The album was released on 19th July at 6 pm kst and was accompanied by a humorous action-packed music video for the title track “Jump! The members of Mirae are JunHyuk, Dohyun, Lien, Dongpyo, Khael, Yubin, and Siyoung have come leaps and bounds from their debut in 2021. 

‘Boys Will Be Boys’ is a stark contrast to their previous album ‘Ourturn’ released 10 months prior, it's a summer throwback and is catchy from start to finish. The album carries on the storyline of the future boy series, highlighting their boyish charm. This is evident throughout the album with the genres flowing into one another and creating a fresh and relaxing story. Starting strong with “Girl”, it’s a pure wholesome summer number. For those of us who grew up in the 90s with boybands, although nostalgic it has the ability to sound modern and fresh. 

The title track “Jump!” exudes fun, joy, and happiness giving the listener a much-needed boost. During 19th July’s RBW/DSP Media Showcase, this is the hope of singer Yubin “I hope our new song "Jump!" could enliven listeners at the start of the day with its upbeat energy.”

 It's a different direction from their previous single “Drip and Drop” which saw a more serious, dark, and seductive concept. The theme for this album has looped back to a 90’s youthful concept focused on the message of love, and exploration of the phrase boys will be boys be it friendship, or a love of hobby as seen in the music video.

Leader Junhyuk explained during the media showcase their love of sport and why they decided on this new style of concept “We all love outdoor activities and some of us even play! We gave this new style of music a go as we’ve all gotten younger, thanks to the change in the Korean age system!”

Mirae is out to prove their versatility from ballads to uptempo bass numbers such as  “Now Or Forever” and for me, the standout track “Drop The Bass” rounding off the album with a bang. This feels like the new side to Mirae they intended to showcase, the vocal line compliments rappers Junhyuk, and Khael, gearing towards an intense hip-hop number.  For their 5th mini album, Mirae has found their direction and created a bright, joyous comeback that breaks from the current dark and mysterious comebacks recently. 

Boys Will Be Boys Tracklist

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