[Review] Seventeen's Jun Exudes Charisma with New Single 'Psycho'


Seventeens Jun’s new single “Psycho” was released on 4th July at 1 am KST, the digital single was accompanied by a high-concept music video. The single marks his solo comeback nine months ago with the popular track “Limbo.”

“Psycho” itself is a twisted mix of high energy, loud bass, and captivating vocals making for an interesting unexpected listen. Whilst it starts slow, we get a climactic build to the chorus and the drop accelerates into a hypnotizing tone of “Don't fool yourself anymore, psycho.”

The music video follows the same path in terms of energy, the video refuses to slow down much like the pace of the song. Flashbacks to the previous single “Limbo” make a comeback with snippets such as roses, and shredded white outfits. In his music video, Jun showcases as many sides as possible, conceptually we see him in various stages of his persona. Beginning with a white costume and progressing to a chained outfit with an exposed chest, and finally to a red latex outfit with dancers. Each outfit corresponds to a segment conveyed through choreography, which matches the music in a precise, polished, and powerful routine featuring Jun at the center.

Shifting from white to red represents the loss of innocence and the pressure to conform to imposed standards. Instead, break out of the box and embrace your unique quirks. The message of the video is reflected in the outro:

Hey, who's the weirdo in someone else's eyes? Hey, who's the demon in someone else's heart? Hey, who's the puppet in someone else's hand? Hey, who else is? Don't fool yourself anymore, psycho”

The video not only delivers the title theatrically but also showcases Jun's versatility as an artist. A well-rounded track, that is a great follow-up to the seductive “Limbo.”

You can stream "Psycho" in Korean and Chinese on any platform. What do you think of Psycho? Be sure to follow KpopWise to stay up to date on all your favorite Kpop idols!

Kirsty Bright

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