ABLUE Makes a Comeback with 2nd Single Album "Fake Love"

Ciera Reeves

On August 3, boy group ABLUE (WinL, On, Wonjun, Seongsoo, You, Sukjun) of J Star Entertainment released their second single album "Fake Love." The group debuted with their first single album "Color_The Start" in October 2022. 

For the single's concept, ABLUE's leader WinL thought that there was too much false love in the world and wanted to express such bad love and emotions through music.

'Mad' Music Video

The single contains three tracks, 'BITE,' the title 'MAD,' and 'DIEF.' The members WinL and YOU participated in the production of the single album and choreography.

Meanwhile, WinL also participated in the production of girl group SATURDAY's recent single album with the b-side track 'Love Dream.' 

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