BBGIRLS Release Single Album "One More Time"

Known as the new ‘Summer Queens’ of K-pop, BBGIRLS are back with their first release since the rebrand of the group. On August 8,  the single album "ONE MORE TIMEwas released. "ONE MORE TIME" is a special album that represents the group’s reimagined identity and sound while showcasing the unbreakable friendship among the four members, MINYOUNG, YOUJOUNG, EUNJI, and YUNA. 

“It's a special one as we all have participated in every step of the process to create something that shows all four of our colors.” 

– MINYOUNG, leader of BBGIRLS 

The single-album includes 2 new tracks. The title track, 'ONE MORE TIME' is an addictive retro pop sound that samples Give It To Me Baby by the legendary soul-funk artist Rick James. The lyrics reminisce about a passionate love while also alluding to the bright future ahead for the members as BBGIRLS. The second single 'Lemonade', is a trendy pop song with a refreshing vibe.

“We are excited and nervous at the same time to see how our fans will feel about the new BBGIRLS, but we believe that you will love it!” – EUNJI, member of BBGIRLS


'One More Time' Music Video  


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