Play82 with P1Harmony

Play82 is just one of the many ways hello82 provides opportunities for fans to interact with their favorite K-pop groups. Bringing P1HARMONY (Keeho, Intak, Jongseob, Jiung, Theo, Soul) to Atlanta was a welcome surprise for fans (known as P1ece) and allowed them to play games with the 6-member group in a more relaxed setting, outside of the normal concert experience. 

Hosted at Variety Playhouse in Atlanta's eclectic Little Five Points, P1ece came to PLAY! You can tell by the energy that the fans bring to the venue, why they love the zealous P1Harmony. While fans were waiting to get the "Game Parade" started, they had a little party of their own and sang and danced P1Harmony songs together, truly making it known that P1ece know how to have a good time. The fun didn't stop because as P1Harmony stepped into their stage lights, cheers erupted from the crowd. The group opened the show with their recent title track, "Jump" earning even more enthusiasm and another sing-along.

Shortly after introductions, where P1Harmony learned that fans from all around the southeast came to see them, it was time for the "Game Parade." About 13 fans each were teamed up with a P1Harmony member for three rounds of games and one final battle between the top three team leaders. 

Leader, Keeho, with his cheeky one-liners assured P1ece today's games were, “not about having fun it’s about winning," and anyone could tell that the laughter that ensued was exactly what his fans needed to relax and get excited to meet their idols up close. Games were underway, starting with relay rock paper scissors between Team Intak and Team Soul, with Intak making it to the finals. It was the perfect game to loosen everyone up and bring out the competitive sides of not just P1Harmony, but the fans as well. It was even one of the things fans were looking forward to most, a fan shared, "Playing the games with P1Harmony and seeing their competitive sides with each other and with us will be interesting and fun."

Other games included the 'Go Big Telepathy Game' where fans had to match minds with each other and their P1Harmony team leader! Jiung's team took the W on that round and headed to the final battle with Intak. The third round was a game of 'Catch that cup' where Theo and Jongseob's challenge was to land a red plastic cup onto the Coca Cola bottle their fan was holding. The game proved to be the hardest yet but Theo's team won and headed to the final battle. 
Intak, Jiung, and Theo went head-to-head in a classic, bottle-flipping competition. Intak's ultimate win was rewarded with a victory dance and thunderous cheers from P1ece.

Before closing out the evening, P1Harmony filmed their "Jump" Tik Tok challenge with P1ece, and as the spotlights turned to shine on their fans, the boys' smiles spread wide and the happy energy radiated throughout the room. The members briefly reflected on their recent completed tour stops in Canada and Latin America. And they'll be moving on to Asia, Australia, and New Zealand as they close out their world tour. They left with a few words on the time spent with fans sharing that, “It's always great to come back to Atlanta," and "Today was great creating special memories with P1ece in Atlanta." 

A special stage of "Love Me for Me" closed the night with a bang and lots of love! 

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All Photo Credits: Author, Cheyenne Chong

Check out the full gallery of the event here! 

Cheyenne Chong

Cheyenne is an Atlanta-based writer & photographer. K-Pop found her in 2020 and she's been hooked ever since. In her spare time, she is working on a novel and studying the Korean language. A multi-stan through-&-through, Cheyenne's favorite groups are Stray Kids, Ateez, Monsta X, basically every HYBE group ever, and the list goes on. Through her writing & photography, she hopes to shine the well-deserved spotlight on the passionate K-Pop artists that bring so much healing and joy to so many.

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