BMSG (Japan) Introduces its Uprising Artist Trainees, RUI & KANON, Through New Single ‘The Voice’

Photo credits: BMSG, Inc.

Japanese label and artist management company, BMSG (SKY-HI, BE:FIRST) is thrilled to introduce its dynamic artist trainees, RUI and KANON, who are set to captivate the music scene with their upcoming release, 'The Voice' (‘’ Ko-é in Japanese). 

'The Voice' Music Video

Listen to 'The Voice'

The Voice’ is a soul-stirring ballad that is set against a luscious R&B track produced by Japanese leading music producer, UTA of TinyVoice Production. The song is a harmonious fusion of lyrics and melodies jointly composed by both RUI and KANON, with a main theme of beautifully capturing the essence of a human connection through their expressive falsetto vocals. Notably, ‘The Voice’ is the first-ever release for KANON who not only sings but has also contributed to the single’s heartfelt lyrics, showcasing his multifaceted talent and exceptional musical sensibility at just 17 years old.

RUI (Photo credits: BMSG, Inc.)

RUI emerged onto the Japanese music scene with a dazzling performance on the acclaimed audition program "THE FIRST" in 2020, at the age of 12 years old. His husky singing voice, accompanied by his infectious smile and friendly persona, garnered attention and admiration throughout the competition. Despite his elimination from the show, RUI’s magnetic presence left an indelible mark on both viewers and contestants alike. The result was an artist trainee contract with BMSG. In 2022, RUI showcased his talents further by producing his first solo song ‘Diamond’ as well as participating in numerous concerts and shows as guest performer and opening act. This includes renowned rapper and CEO of BMSG, SKY-HI’s nationwide tour "Cho Hachimenroppi”, solidifying his position as one of Japan’s most promising amateur vocalists.

KANON (Photo credits: BMSG, Inc.)

KANON, on the other hand, made a resounding entry onto the scene through the "MISSIONx2" audition program in 2022, at the age of 16. Although not progressing to the final round of the audition program, his exceptional vocal prowess led him to be the only participant offered a trainee contract with BMSG. KANON's striking opening act during the SKY-HI ARENA TOUR 2023 -BOSSDOM- wowed the audience, showcasing his remarkable singing abilities and setting the stage for his promising future as an artist. 

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