RIIZE Releases 'Memories' and Music Video Ahead of Debut Single Album

K-pop’s freshest rookie boy group RIIZE has released a brand-new song ‘Memories’. Listen here. The group’s eagerly anticipated official debut single “Get A Guitar”, which features ‘Memories’ as a B-Side, will be released on 4 September. Pre-order is available HERE.

'Memories' Music Video 

Arriving hot on the heels of their first-ever showcase at KCON LA 2023 over the weekend ‘Memories’ is an anthemic hip-hop hybrid track with a drum ‘n’ bass-infused chorus, propelled by the group’s soaring vocals. The song is the perfect introduction to RIIZE, with the boys singing about chasing their dreams and creating memories together. “East to the south, to the north, to the west side… we RIIZE!”
The seven-member group – made up of SHOTARO, EUNSEOK, SUNGCHAN, WONBIN, SEUNGHAN, SOHEE, and ANTON – is quickly showing why they’re a force to be reckoned with. Shortly after they were announced three weeks ago; RIIZE hit 1 million Instagram followers in just four days, which is the fastest for any K-pop group to reach that milestone. The buzz continues to build, following the release of their slick performance video for Siren’, giving fans a glimpse of their killer dance abilities. Watch HERE
The group name RIIZE combines two words – “rise,” symbolizing growth, and “realize” representing achievements – which together encapsulate the idea of a team that grows as one while achieving their dreams.
The seven exceptional members of RIIZE all possess both talent and visual appeal. With each member bringing their own unique characteristics and strengths, they embark on a real-time odyssey as one team to make new history in the K-Pop industry.

RIIZE is SM’s newest rookie group, launching approximately three years after the future-forward girl group aespa, and over seven years since the boundary-pushing boy group NCT, who have both achieved global success.

KCON LA Live Performance 

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