Brooklyn Juliana Unveils "Thinking About You” Music Video A Visual Ode to Summertime Romance

Canada-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Brooklyn Juliana, has released the official music video for “Thinking About You,” today. Directed by Brooklyn himself, this music video expands on the unbridled honesty of its soundtrack, and is the definitive vision of a summertime romance. Even if you have never been in love, you might very well know the feeling after witnessing this visual work of art; and the feeling is a good one indeed.

"Thinking About You" is a deeply personal and introspective song, inspired by Brooklyn Juliana's own experiences and the communication challenges faced by his generation. Brooklyn not only showcases his powerful vocals on the track, but also demonstrates his versatility as a musician by writing the music and playing the guitar.

The single seamlessly blends elements of alternative and pop, boasting a catchy guitar groove and rich vocals that will resonate with a diverse audience of music lovers.

'Thinking About You" Music Video



Ciera Reeves

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