tripleS’ Newest Subunit LOVElution Releases Debut Mini-Album, LOVElution <ↀ> (Muhan)

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Formed through their fans’ votes in Grand Gravity (an event where fans can vote on Cosmo : the Gate, the official tripleS and ARTMS app created by Modhaus Inc., for a range of different things such as lineups for subunits, the order in which units promote, the title track, and other things related to the fandom), select members of tripleS have come together to debut their new subunit LOVElution with the mini album LOVElution <ↀ> (Muhan). The eight members chosen for this release were SeoYeonHyeRinYuBinKaedeDaHyunNienSoHyun, and Xinyu.


“Various emotions ranging from excitement to sadness co-exist within our album, elevating the group's sentiments.” 
- Xinyu, member of tripleS LOVElution 


“The title song ‘Girls' Capitalism’ can send positive vibes and tell you that you are ‘Be (you) tiful’ (Being yourself is most beautiful).”

- SoHyun, member of tripleS LOVElution

'Girls Capitalism' music video

The album includes eight new songs including an intro, “&#8576;”, “Girls’ Capitalism”, “복합성 (Complexity)”, “Black Soul Dress”, “Seoul Sonyo Sound”, “Cry Baby”, “Speed Love” and outro, “Number 8”. The title track “Girls’ Capitalism '' is produced by well known producer EL CAPITXN and Vendors (Nano), who previously created the hit “Generation” for the tripleS Acid Angel from Asia subunit. The song features a refreshing and groovy melody. The track “복합성 (Complexity)” which delves into the moment when you finally get the love you’ve been waiting for but end up feeling many mixed emotions. Members SeoYeon and DaHyun participated in recording background vocals for “복합성 (Complexity)”. Additionally, SoHyun participated in composing, writing, arranging and directing the vocals “Black Soul Dress”

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