cignature Come Back with 4th Mini Album "Us in the Summer"

cignature have made a comeback with their fourth EP, Us in the Summer on August 29. The EP talks about girls in their youth and all the new things they are experiencing such as love, breaking up, and finding your inner self.

 ‘Us in the Summer’ album is so precious as it is drawn with memories of hot and happy days that we can show you the refreshing feeling and bright energy of summer. More than anything, we will show the best stage by thinking of the fans who love us now and the fans who will love us in the future.”

- CHAESOL, member of cignature

“I’m sure you’ll like this album more than I expected! In this album, we expressed a lot more with our feelings than before, but we didn’t miss the refreshing feeling, so please listen to the album a lot!” 

- SELINE, member of cignature

Us in the Summer includes four new songs with each depicting different experiences young girls face in their youth. The narrative begins with “어젯밤 이야기(Mess With My Mind),” where the girls get together to talk about the complexity of love, then we move into the title track “안녕, 인사해(Smooth Sailing)” which tells the story of a trivial love. The following song, “Sorry So Sorry,” describes leaving a love we wanted but having too many worries about it. The EP concludes with “Little Me,” which attempts to comfort an anxious inner child.

For this release, cignature is promoting as a six-member group as BELLE is currently participating in SBS’ audition program Universe Ticket.

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