Queendom Puzzle Girl Group EL7Z UP Confirms Debut Date

May S


Rookie girl group EL7Z UP has confirmed their September debut.

After participating in the Mnet survival show "Queendom Puzzle", seven finalists were chosen. On August 17th, the final lineup was confirmed to be Hwiseo (H1-KEY), Nana (woo! ah!), Yuki (PURPLE KISS), Kei (Lovelyz), Yeoreum (WJSN), Yeonhee (Rocket Punch), and Yeeun (CLC)

It was confirmed that the group will debut on September 14th, and are consequently expected to release an album, go on tour, and appear at the 2023 MAMA Awards. With such a lineup - its no wonder fans are excited to see what the group will do next!

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