[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] NINE.i's Colorful Personalities Shine in 'NEW MIND' Comeback

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In the kaleidoscopic world of Kpop, a new constellation has been shining brightly, and they go by the name of NINE.i

On August 3, NINE.i made a comeback with the mini album NEW MIND, with the title track "Turn it Off" which gives off an invigorating energy!

"Turn if Off" Music Video 

Fresh off the release of NEW MIND, the ten-member rookie boy group, under FirstOne Entertainment, sat down for an exclusive interview with KpopWise, shedding light on their music, personalities, and aspirations.

Unveiling the Charms of NEW MIND

NINE.i's NEW MIND has been making waves since its release, and the members eagerly shared their thoughts on the album's tracks and their personal favorites.

Jewon kicked off by expressing his affection for "Hurt," saying, "I like "Hurt." The beat that touches the heart is attractive!" Eden, who played a significant role in "Highschool Love," described it as "a very meaningful song because it's the first time I've been working on my 3rd album and I've been in charge of the first verse part. Please love me a lot."

Photo Courtesy of FirstOne Entertainment

Minjun revealed the excitement he felt from the very beginning, sharing, "It's a track that made my heart race since I heard the demo file of "Highschool Love," and I like the atmosphere of the song." Vahn, the group's talented producer, cherished "Power up" as "the first song I made in this album, and it is the identity of this album."

Vari found solace in "Highschool Love," expressing, "I really like "Highschool love"! It's also a song with an atmosphere that I really like, and there are a lot of chorus sections in this song, and when I listen to that part, my emotions resonate, so I like this song the most!!" Seowon, the group's bright personality, found joy in "Power up," comparing it to the title track "Turn it off," stating, "It is as exciting and refreshing as the title song, so you can enjoy it easily."

Photo Courtesy of FirstOne Entertainment

Taehun was enthusiastic about "Power up," revealing, "I like "Power up" the most!! When I listen to it, it's exciting, refreshing, and cool, and I think it contains all three of my favorite things!!" Joohyoung chose "Hurt," emphasizing, "I want to pick the 5th track, "Hurt." I think it contains a side of us that you haven't seen much in our group NINE.i." Jiho, the group's thoughtful member, shared his favorite, saying, "For me, the first track "One (하나)" is my favorite."

Embracing Colors that Define Their Personalities

The concept photos for NEW MIND feature a burst of vibrant colors, each representing the unique personalities of the members. In the interview, they opened up about their favorite colors and the reasons behind them.

Vahn confidently stated, "It's Blue. It may seem like a cold color, but there are many things that are blue that are warmer than you think." Vari, who recently went for a pink hair color, chose pink, saying, "I think the color that best represents me is pink! It's because I dyed my hair pink this time, and there are so many pink points in the outfit!" (Do you smell a Barbie fan?💗)

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Seowon opted for white, explaining, "I think it's white. Because white goes well with any color. So I think it's white because I think it can go well with any concept or situation." Taehun was decisive with his favorite color, saying, "I think it must be blue! The reason is...it's my favorite color, and I think it's cool...haha." Joohyoung aligned his hair color with his choice, stating, "I'll pick red, like my hair color. I would like to say that it is a strong image that I can express."

Anticipating i.ENIN's Reaction to NEW MIND

The members shared their excitement about i.ENIN, the devoted fandom of NINE.i, listening to their new album. Vari expressed, "I want i.ENIN to hear "Power up" the most. i.ENIN was really looking forward to a refreshing song suitable for summer, and in fact, they often told us that they missed us, so we wanted to hear it the most for i.ENIN!" Taehun eagerly added, "The song I want to hear the most is my favorite "Power up"!! I think i.ENIN will like it as much as I like it, so I really want to brag about it!!!"

A Collaborative Journey for NEW MIND

Vahn and Joohyoung took on an active role in creating the album. They shared insights into the process behind NEW MIND. Vahn's hard work was evident, as he revealed, "I prepared for this album for a really long time. I prepared really hard regardless of the place and time, and I hope you listen to it a lot." Joohyoung remembered the experience with joy, saying, "I remember having fun working on this album, and there are songs that fully show our colors."

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A Fascinating Brain Exchange

If given the chance, which member would they switch brains with for a day? The answer was heartfelt. Vahn revealed, "The Joohyoung. Joohyoung is a friend who is not weighed down by worries and anxiety, so I feel good when I am by his side."

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Diverse Hobbies and Talents

Outside of their musical endeavors, the members have unique hobbies and talents. Eden spilled the tea about Seowon's interior design hobby, sharing, "Seowon has a great hobby in interior design. It's Won's hobby that I got to know while being roommates with him, and I could see him often searching for interiors on his cell phone."

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Dreams Beyond NINE.i

Had they not become part of NINE.i, the members revealed what they might be doing today. Jewon adorably said, "I think I would become the owner of a cafe because I want to run a pretty cafe."

Unforgettable Moments

Reflecting on their journey together, the members cherished a particular memory that stood out to them. Minjun fondly recalled, "I enjoy every moment with i.ENIN, but the recent big stage, the Dream Concert, was memorable. The most enjoyable was performing in front of a large audience."

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A Message of Love to i.ENIN

The interview ended with a heartfelt message for the group's beloved fandom. Seowon expressed, "i.ENINs, let's always love each other and keep making a lot of beautiful memories!"

Photo Courtesy of FirstOne Entertainment

NINE.i's NEW MIND invites fans into a world of vibrant melodies, touching emotions, and colorful personalities. As they continue to grow in the Kpop scene, the group's passion for music and deep connection with their fans will undoubtedly propel them toward an even brighter future. With each release, NINE.i continues to leave an indelible mark on the Kpop landscape, promising more musical journeys to come!

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