K-pop Throwback with KANG DANIEL’s ‘Paranoia’


Released on February 16, 2021, KANG DANIEL’s ‘Paranoia’ is a single winner of 4 music shows, later included in the ‘Yellow’ EP on April 13, 2021. 

KANG DANIEL known as one of the group WANNA ONE’s rappers, debuted as a soloist under his record company Konnect Entertainment

However, as a soloist, his high voice lights up under the tracks, as such happened in the single ‘Paranoia’. His powerful and talented voice is combined with his excellent rapping skills. 

The song lyrics— mostly in English— describe from himself an inner battle with cyberbullying and the demons every person has. With this song, he wanted to speak up about the dark and unexpressed feelings everyone feels once in life but is not very courageous to tell them. 

In the meantime, the official music video follows a parallel story in which the main character—himself— is tormented by a veiled woman seeking him and cursing also his dreams. 

Potent as the lyrics and the music video, also the choreography has its killing part. The named ‘zombie-part’ speak up alone. 

Here’s the official music video following up the performance video.

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