[Exclusive Interview] Singer/Songwriter Sofia Gillani On Latest Single 'L.E.D', Dream Collaboration, Future Plans, and More


At just 9 years old, Sofia Gillani began a career where she continues to move forward and open new doors. Born and raised in London Sofia debuted with 'Ain't a Game'. Including a music video that was self-directed and included lively animations; for its uniqueness and inventiveness, it has since been entered into many film festivals. From the beginning Sofia has dedicated herself to her music by composing, producing, self-promoting, and directing music videos all on her own!

I got the opportunity to speak with Sofia about her music , hobbies and other exciting questions. Get to know a little bit about the talented young artist and see what's next in her journey. Below I will provide her sincere words about 'L.E.D' along with our interview!

"L.E.D was about how I started seeing the world through other people's lenses and 'filters'. I would constantly try to freeze certain moments in the way I best knew how, which was through photographs, and realized looking back, that those pictures started representing how I saw the world, instead of others. It's a song of me understanding my craft better and getting in touch with myself and the world, without the interference of other people's opinions, without that "L.E.D light". This song allows time to pass by, without the fear of capturing it, and I think that's truly beautiful, giving, allowing and accepting, a pause to the stress and need for society to achieve this, that and the other, and to just enjoy life and it's blessings".

How would you describe the music you typically create?

 I'd have to say that my music is bold and experimental - I feel like my music is growing into more of my thoughts and emotions, which in turn, leads me to turn to many different genres. It is strongly pop and R&B, but I have dabbled jazz, rock and rapped! It is a safe space for my audience to relate to all kinds of music, broaden their horizons, feeling joy, hope comfort, and connected. It is also my outlet, so my music is always creatively tuned to my journey as an artist.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received as an artist?

 I'd have to say I actually have two amazing pieces of advice - the simplistic 'stay true to yourself' - which I feel like now more than ever is important. And, said by my dad, my mentor and overflowing well of guidance, 'appreciate the small victories' - which I have used and will continue to use throughout my career. 

Do you have any other hobbies or non-music related talents?

My Hobbies in general apart from singing, I love acting! Massive musical person watched nearly every musical known to humanity. I love reading a lot , dancing , expressing myself through art in literally any way, shape or form. I can't draw to save my life but it's still a fun thing to do! I've really gotten into hiking I love hiking and just doing really long nature walks on trips. I don't know why it is just really peaceful especially now for some reason.

What’s your favorite part of creating music and visuals independently?

My favorite bit it sounds a bit like two different answers but it's working as a team and then working as myself. It's always a journey of self-improvement for me, always. I love working in a team especially with visuals and producing the actual music. It's so fun seeing people who want to kind of express the same musical visual you have. You know doing billboards, planning times/dates, and group chats. Just general teamwork stuff which you do find in the theater industry as well. I love that kind of aspect. I do love all the different perspectives I have when I do my music. People relate to it in many different ways. My team is just so supportive, especially my dad. Also just working by myself and being more in tune with myself. I feel like working in music it's fun writing , I love writing so it goes hand in hand with my reading hobby. I love writing songs, singing them and seeing my art come to life in the studio and such. It's from there working with myself to working with my team. I just really really enjoy it! 

If you could collaborate with any other artist who would it be?

Definitely Charlie Puth because his ear is really really unique and I love it. I also love this one band called I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME very long name but I love their album RAZZMATAZZ it’s just so fun and funky. Everything about it. Maybe Lana Del Rey, I just got into her and I just love it! Those three definitely.

What can we expect next from you?

I am releasing an EP in September. Mid September I think but you know not confirmed yet. We will give you the exclusives but, yes releasing an EP then it's going to have all the material that I wrote during the pandemic and recently. Which is really exciting so stay tuned on my social media's ( Provided at the end). I am also doing a Pride Festival, which is going to be really fun. I love pride, I performed at Luton Pride last year which was insane, massive crowd, and a Westfield gig for a Westland Artist. Which was really cool! Just stay tuned on my socials, but there's a lot more gigs, I don't know what's coming around the corner, but for now, the most recent ones are the EP and the pride festival!


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