HarryBigButton Celebrate 12th Anniversary with 3rd Full-length Album "Big Fish"

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Korean Rock band HarryBigButton celebrates their 12th anniversary with the highly anticipated release of their third full-length album, "Big Fish." This album, like a collection of ten vibrant movies, draws inspiration from a diverse range of cinematic worlds, infusing each track with distinctive styles and a myriad of emotions.

Despite the challenging backdrop of the pandemic, HarryBigButton overcame the obstacles to deliver a remarkable musical offering. The album's final track and title song, "Big Fish," stands as a heartfelt tribute to those who have experienced the pain of bidding farewell to a cherished loved one. It is a poignant dedication to all those who have faced similar struggles and an homage to the Sungsoo’s father, who played a profound role in shaping his identity.

Track 8 "Titane" captures the essence of what it means to be a family, exploring the complex dynamics of blood ties without genuine affection and the transformative power of love within unexpected connections.

WooSukjae. Photo courtesy of HarryBigButton

The journey of creating "Big Fish" was not without its challenges. The pandemic disrupted the album's production, leading to a temporary halt in 2020 after releasing only half of the album. However, undeterred by these setbacks, the band persevered and gradually resumed their work. Step by step, they pieced together the remaining tracks, culminating in the completion of their long-awaited third album.

LeeSungsoo. Photo courtesy of HarryBigButton

"Big Fish" symbolizes resilience and hope in the face of adversity, embodying the band's unwavering determination to share their music with the world. With its diverse range of styles and profound emotional depth, this album serves as a testament to HarryBigButton's artistry and their ability to navigate the turbulent waters of life.

ChoiBokyung. Photo courtesy of HarryBigButton

Fans and music enthusiasts alike can immerse themselves in the captivating melodies and introspective lyrics of "Big Fish," experiencing a cathartic journey that resonates deeply within the soul.

해리빅버튼(HarryBigButton) New Album Big Fish full album teaser

“Big Fish” Music Video

“Titan” Lyric Video


“Thelma & Louise” Lyric Video


“Dirty Harry” Music Video


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