K-pop Sensation TRENDZ Embarks on a New Journey with Upcoming 3rd Single Album [ON MY WAY]

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TRENDZ. Photo Courtesy of Global H

Eager fans of TRENDZ can mark their calendars, as the sensational K-pop band gears up to release their 3rd single album, titled [STILL ON MY WAY]. Renowned for their unique musical universe portrayed through the BLUE SET series – encompassing tracks like  “WHO [吼]", "TNT (Truth&Trust)" "Vagabond", and "NEW DAYZ" – TRENDZ is ready to make their mark once again.

TRENDZ. Photo Courtesy of Global H

The new single album 'STILL ON MY WAY', is a journey of unwavering determination towards dreams. Having concluded the BLUE SET series with their previous release, "New Dayz," the band is now venturing beyond the boundaries of the unknown space (universe) and stepping into uncharted territory with a fresh perspective.

The album weaves the tale of TRENDZ's relentless pursuit of their dreams, embodying their current essence – encompassing keywords such as 'passion', 'youth', 'hope', and 'energy', all central to the 'BLUE SET' Chapter. Once again, TRENDZ teamed up with Producer LEEZ, who has been in charge of their music since '[UNKNOWN CODE],' to unravel their narrative of moving in a new direction through music. In this exciting new release, the notable rap talents of Hankook, ra.L, and Yechan shine as they actively contribute to the songwriting process.

Album Tracklist:

1. Ven Conmigo

"Where your heartwarming dreams lead... I'll always be there with you."

"ven conmigo" carries a message of hope, urging everyone to move forward together toward moments brighter than stars and hotter than flames. This track masterfully blends the spirit of freedom and passion reminiscent of a red sun within the Moombahton genre.


"With youth and passion, wherever the new world lies, I'll forge my own path."

The album's title track, "MY WAY", strikes a balance between the storytelling verses that delve into TRENDZ's journey and the chorus that radiates immense energy. Just as the title suggests, despite the scars and potential obstacles, this song showcases the unwavering determination and resolve of TRENDZ members to keep leaping forward, creating their unique path. With its foundation in the global trend of Drum'n'Bass, the song offers a polished and powerful sound.

3. O.Y.E

"Shed hesitation, forget your past self, awaken to your true essence."

"O.Y.E" encapsulates a profound message of self-discovery and proving one's true worth, expressed through a metaphor of passionate love. This medium-tempo pop track, with its restrained raps and vocals from TRENDZ members, invites both fans and the public to explore a matured atmosphere and delve deeper into the band's musical world.

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