Singer-Songwriter Milky Day Releases Emotionally Charged EP "Impulses"

Milky Day, the talented singer-songwriter and producer known for his unique blend of R&B and soulful melodies, has released his highly anticipated EP, Impulses.

'Losing My Grip' Music Video

An EP that was primarily written during Covid isolation; Impulses is not only a reflection of internal conflict and struggles, it's also a project written from the perspective of Milky reflecting on all the craziness of the world, from the "window" of his trapped environment. As the world grappled with unprecedented challenges during the pandemic, he goes back and forth between tracks and even sometimes within a single track, talking specifically about his personal struggles and then switching the narrative to a much larger questioning of purpose and existence. Inspired by raw honesty and life's inevitable struggles, this body of work presents a departure from Milky Day's classic themes of love, instead offering an emotionally charged exploration of life's complexities and challenges. 

At the heart of this exploration is the EP’s focus track, "Temptation," which represents the above mentioned perspective within the opening line; "Waiting for better days.” The overall lyrics hint at a dialogue with oneself, questioning if he can be greater than his past self, battling the desire for growth while being trapped in a dark path. This track serves as a powerful introduction to the overarching theme of the EP - grappling with impulses and their consequences.

"Aura" delves into the actions taken as a result of these urges, and it unravels the internal struggle between fleeting desires and the longing for stability and self-control. The haunting and poignant "Losing My Grip" follows, shedding light on the aftermath of impulsive decisions. Milky Day's soulful vocals resonate deeply, expressing the sense of loss and confusion that arises when one feels disconnected from life's purpose and meaning.

"Rest in Peace" reflects on the transformation and growth that occurs when one decides to break free from the grip of impulsive tendencies, letting go of one's old self and embracing new beginnings. Finally, the EP concludes with the uplifting track "So Good." In this song, Milky Day explores the idea of finding peace with his mind, bidding farewell to negative thoughts, and embracing a brighter future. The song's cheerful vibe towards the end indicates a sense of hope and resolution after the tumultuous journey through impulses and self-discovery. 

"Through my observations and life experiences, I realized that everyone struggles with their own inner demons in some shape or form - so I've been exploring more general themes of life struggles and suffering through my music, as you'll hear in my upcoming EP,"
- Milky Day, shedding light on the inspiration behind Impulses.

With Impulses, Milky Day seeks to raise awareness about the shared nature of life's struggles and offer solace to those facing similar challenges. Through his candid and soul-baring approach, he aims to connect with his audience on a profound level, letting them know that they are not alone in their battles and that healing is possible. 

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