LE'V Makes His Debut with 1st EP "A.I.BAE"

Ciera Reeves

LE’V (Wang Zi Hao) is a Chinese male solo artist under Chromosome Entertainment. He appeared on a competition program that led global K-Pop trend in 2023, BOYS PLANET

In June 2023, he held a joint fan meeting which recorded sold-out tickets as soon as the ticket sales link opened, proving his great potential as a global artist. 

After leaving a strong impression on global K-Pop fans with his overwhelming dance performance and stable vocals on BOYS PLANET, LE’V has released his first mini album, "A.I.BAE," produced by LAY on August 18. The song is available in both Korean and Chinese versions.

'A.I.BAE' Music Video

The album contains four tracks, including the title track “A.I.BAE” and a Chinese version of the B-side track, “Exchange ID.” With an experimental and catchy sound, the title track 'A.I.BAE' narrates the story of a simple and insensitive being called ‘A.I’ opens its eyes to the undefined, new dimension through the emotion of love. 'Exchange ID' sings about love that will never discolor even though many elements in life will change with time and development of technology. 

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