SLAY-FUL Girl Group EVERGLOW is Back with 4th Single Album "ALL MY GIRLS"

After 1 year and 8 months since their previous album release, EVERGLOW is back with their 4th single album, ALL MY GIRLS, which conveys the message to all girls who have lost themselves and have been enclosed in the boundaries set by society. This album also contains a self-telling story for EVERGLOW, emphasizing the significance of this comeback after a long hiatus. 

They aim to present the group’s forwarding musicality with the message of ‘paving our own way’ and to be the representative voice of women and this generation. For this comeback, EVERGLOW will perform their new single for the first time at KCON LA 2023 on August 20, 2023.

'SLAY' Music Video 

“We worked really hard on this album because we wanted to impress FOREVER once again with a new song. We’re looking forward to making precious memories with this album promotion. Please give a lot of support and love to EVERGLOW!” - SIHYEON, leader of EVERGLOW

“It’s a comeback we’ve all been waiting for. Thank you, FOREVER, for waiting, and we want to repay your love with great performances!” - AISHA, member of EVERGLOW

The title track “SLAY” is an electronic hip-hop/pop song that leaves a strong impression with powerful drums and a stimulating, repetitive melody. It delivers the members’ powerful vocals and strong lyrics showcasing their ambition. Their highly addictive performance is brought to life in collaboration with choreographer Jo Nain, showcasing EVERGLOW’s presence as ‘performance queens’. The second track “Oh Ma Ma God” is a mid-tempo pop/R&B track that expresses the feelings of a girl not knowing what to do after falling in love. 

The last track “Make Me Feel” showcases a subtle combination of light acoustic guitar and synth sounds while telling the story of being afraid to lose a lover because of how overwhelming their love has become. This track was co-composed by the Grammy Award-winning composers who have worked with Dua LipaJonas BrothersJohn LegendOlivia RodrigoAnne Marie, and Upsahl

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