NCT Jaehyun Releases New Single "Horizon" for NCT LAB


Jaehyun from NCT has released his second NCT LAB single "Horizon" - a mellow R&B track taking inspiration from being above the clouds.

Similarly to his previous NCT LAB single "Forever Only" in 2022, "Horizon" is also a mellow, relaxed summer track with a simple melody and calm vocals. Jaehyun stated he was inspired by the view as he took off on a plane, which is reflected in the more serene and sentimental nature of the song. In the MV the artist was seen strolling around and riding his bike through a scenic Italian town, admiring his surroundings and gazing at the sky in a dreamy manner. 

An instrumental version of the track was also released alongside the original song. 

Check out the MV for yourself here!

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