THE BOYZ Releases Second Full Album [PHANTASY] P. 1 Christmas in August

THE BOYZ are back with their second full album [PHANTASY] P. 1 Christmas in August featuring their title track ‘Lip Gloss’, painting the world with and exhilarating and ‘fantastic’ fantasy this summer. Starting with their debut album, "THE FIRST," THE BOYZ have been creating their own path through their music and solid storytelling on the theme of boyhood, growth and love. Through their 'THE' series, explored the passion for dreams, growth, existence, and value that anyone can experience. They expressed the emotion of love in their own colors, drawing an image of a boy who seems to be somewhere between dreams and reality, establishing themselves as a synonym for 'boy'.

Based on the big theme of "We all dream of fantasy," the six track album brings various feelings of "fantasy" such as excitement, mystery and emotion with THE BOYZ' own colors. What makes this release such a magical Christmas surprise? THE BOYZ are trying a unique 'Trilogy' format of releasing one album in three parts, acting as a 'triple comeback' according to the release method, and will continue engage with fans more than ever.


'Christmas In August', the first story of their second full album [PHANTASY], is an album that captures the miraculous 'imaginary' moments and emotions that cannot exist in reality, like a dream; like a gift. Composed of tracks of various genres, from refreshing 'summer carols' to songs that showcase their outstanding vocal abilities and rich emotional lines, the album expands the identity and spectrum of the boy they portray, and it is expected that you can meet a 'real romance fantasy' different from the love stories they have shown so far.

Real Romance from One Boy to One Girl [PHANTASY] Pt.1 Christmas In August


The title track of their second full album, "LIP GLOSS," is a "summer carol song" with a conceptual story and lyrics with a soft yet addictive melody. The witty lyrics about wanting to receive a sweet kiss like a Christmas present from the person you fell in love with at first sight adds to the song's charm.


Other songs include "Passion Fruit," a unit (Younghoon, Hyunjae, Juyeon, Q, and Sunwoo) song which members Kevin and Sunwoo participated in production and that will showcase the new charm of THE BOYZ; "Lighthouse," a song that reveals the strong and colorful vocal colors of THE BOYZ; and "Julie's Law (Fantasize)," which features a bouncy sound reminiscent of a summer party atmosphere, "Fire Eyes," which features exciting lyrics that say, "There is nothing brighter than the fireworks in your eyes," and "Fairy Tale," which features a piano-driven, clean sound and rich harmonies. As such, "Christmas In August," the first story of The Boyz' second full album, will showcase a wider musical spectrum with six stories under the theme of "Christmas in August," while once again capturing the hearts of fans around the world with their unique music and performance.

Listen to [PHANTASY] P. 1 Christmas in August 

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