[Review] BTS's V Brings Comfort with New Single "Rainy Days"


After announcing the release and schedule for BTS vocal line member V's debut solo album 'Layover.' Anticipation for the album has been high. The debut single has finally arrived, teased by retro-themed concept photos. The new single “Rainy Days” was released on 11th August, 1 pm KST. The beautiful melancholic number opens with a gentle piano melody.

The track flows with comforting dulcet jazz tones that instantly put one at ease. In a press release, the track was described asV’s voice beautifully melding with the sound of rain and everyday white noises.”

This vibe is encapsulated within the music video highlighting V's warm, deep, and velvet voice. The slow-paced story depicts longing and alludes to an art noir vibe, doing basic tasks throughout an average day. Yeontan (V’s Pomeranian) the star of V's solo debut, accompanies V throughout his day. The atmosphere has a retro vibe that complements the overall concept.

Tuesday 8th saw the release of V's music video “Love Me Again,” featuring a charming and soothing song about lost love. The video was filmed in the breathtaking Nerja Caves in Spain, with V alone sparkling against the backdrop. “Love Me Again” is available on Youtube, and fans reacted positively with the video achieving 3 million views in 51 minutes. Achieving a new record as the fastest music video by a male artist in 2023 to do so. 

Love me again was released on Spotify alongside ‘Rainy Days,’ both complement one another and as suggested should be listened to in order. It certainly tells a story of love and loss. Rainy days set the scene for Love Me Again, and the two are gentle, hypnotizing and serve the purpose of comfort on those much-needed days. 

It was announced that the debut album ‘Layover’ will include a total of 6 tracks all of which are to come with music videos, allowing the visual storyline to come to life. This week V expressed his emotions about the upcoming release in a letter to fans. Actually, I’ve been preparing [the album] since a very long time ago, but, because the speed I work at is slow and because I’m slow to act in all areas, it got delayed,” he wrote. “However, as much as it’s been delayed/late, I was able to think a lot/put a lot of thought into I and prepare for it more firmly.”

Both tracks have given us a small slice of what to expect within what looks set to be a carefully crafted piece of music. 'Layover' is released Friday 8th September and is available for pre-order on all online retailers. 

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