THE BOYZ Kevin Finally Sees Beyoncé in Concert

Ciera Reeves


August 30, marks a day that will live in history. That's right, it finally happened. Kevin of the group THE BOYZ has finally seen his favorite artist Beyoncé in concert. 

It is common knowledge that Kevin is a huge member of the Beyhive. Kpop and Beyoncé fans alike even used the hashtag #KEVIN_RWT in hopes that Kevin could attend a concert from the RENAISSANCE TOUR

As the RENAISSANCE TOUR makes it to the Bay Area in California, a special attendee was spotted following the concert's silver dress code. Fans are happy his dream came true.

THE BOYZ recently performed at the KCON concert on the weekend of August 18 - 20 and released their 2nd full album with the title song 'Lip Gloss' on August 8. 

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