Xikers Pop-Up Event in Atlanta

Cheyenne Chong

Featuring signed albums, photocard trading, love note cupsleeves, and photo-ops, hello82, and hyperfix8on celebrate XIKERS release of their second mini album, "House of Tricky: How to Play."

Xikers fans, officially known as ROADY, can expect a steady flow of visitors earlier on in the event if they're looking to trade photocards or just hangout with fellow fans. Themed drinks are also available and to receive a cupsleeve with a special note from xikers members (Jinsik, Yujun, Junmin, Yechan, Sumin, Junghoon, Minjae, Hyunwoo, Seeun, and Hunter), visitors must purchase a drink.

With Xikers discography on rotation and the cafe setup including spaces to design your own crown you'll be "feelin' like a star" for all the photo-ops!

The event has two more days left, August 5 & 6, 2023 from 12:00PM - 6:00PM at 145 Auburn Ave. NE, Atlanta, GA. Follow HyperFix8On for updates.

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