[Album Review] BTS V Takes us Slow Dancing with New Album 'Layover'

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The BTS chapter two solo debut era continues with vocal line member V and his brand new album ‘Layover.’ The brand new ep released on 8th September at 12 pm KST, contains six tracks including pre-releases “Love Me Again,” and “Rainy Days.” The title track “Slow Dancing” features a beachy summer music video. A carefree V is seen free-style dancing and indulging in the summer sun. Musically presented as a 70’s soul-style number which was evidently showcased in his concept photos leading to his release.  Each conceptual release depicts a theme that is presented within the album.

Photo Credit: Bighit Entertainment

As expected and teased in his conceptual visual trailers and photos the album is reflective of V’s music taste. A jazz and classical music fan, its’ incorporated wonderfully throughout. The jazz aspects have a nostalgic feel, something V spoke of in a recent interview “I think you can think of it as connected to BTS’ The Most Beautiful Moment in Life series, which showcased the theme of youth. [..] “I wish I could go back to those good old days…” I think that overall sentiment is also reflected in this album. Particularly in the song “Love Me Again” reminiscing and wanting to go to the past. I think those ideas are reflected in the music videos as well. So in short, my youth is not over, right?” (1)

The yearning and reflecting on youth relates back to the beloved HYYH storyline era. Which could be analyzed in the music video for “Slow Dancing.” Small nuggets from that specific era are sprinkled throughout. Playing on youthful innocence, daydreaming, and romanticizing nostalgia the video's calm elements play out a life story. 

Opening with “Rainy Days” V proceeds to ease into creating a slow-paced and relaxing narrative. The hauntingly beautiful “For Us” is vocally harmonized creating a slow-paced, stripped-back track. Described as a pop R&B number that is free-spirited, and one that slots in beautifully within the album. Rounding off with “Slow Dancing (Piano Ver.)” offers a gentle piano arrangement differentiating from the original.  

What V has done with ‘Layover’ is create and craft a conceptualized piece of art navigating themes of lost love, nostalgia, and youth. Listening from the beginning, it tells a structured story creating a mellow atmosphere and dream-like vibe. Known for his velvety warm and comforting vocals V has the ability to set a calm environment to unwind. Allowing the listener to relax, reflect, and indulge in his sophisticated tones expertly crafted and blended throughout.


After revealing he scrapped the original album and starting from afresh the wait was worth it. It can be said his determination and striving to make himself happy through his narrative is reflected throughout his solo debut. What do you think of ‘Layover?’ Let us know in the comments. Be sure to follow KpopWise for all the latest updates on your favorite idols!

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