Fyeqoodgurl Releases 4th Single with D.U.M.B Recordings after Queendom Puzzle


Fyeqoodgurl, the rising Thai singer, songwriter and content creator, has released her fourth solo single, Lowkeyy. She releases the single after a rewarding time in Korea, where she impressed in the third season of the popular competition show Queendom Puzzle. Fye will be performing the song live for the first time at her show at the Asia Song Festival 2023, in Seoul this September 8th. 

'Lowkeyy' MV

This is Fyeqoodgurl’s fourth release with D.U.M.B Recordings, a Warner Music Thailand label, which she signed with in 2021. Fyeqoodgurl’s first three releases, “Gone Gurl”, “Afraid” and “Pom Pom,” were met with critical acclaim.

Her debut single, “Gone Gurl,” was her first solo single and showcased her confidence and attitude, and her consecutive tracks “Afraid" and "Pom Pom" further sealed her as a talented singer and songwriter. 

Fyeqoodgurl is known for her unique blend of R&B and pop music. Her lyrics are often personal and introspective, and her music videos are simple yet visually stunning. “I’m always excited to see what Fyeqoodgurl does next,” said Karl Kongkham, Managing Director of Warner Music Thailand. “She’s a unique and talented artist, a true original with a bright future ahead of her.” 

Fye initially gained attention in Asia and especially Korea from her many covers, notably one of New Jeans’ ‘Hype Boy’. From there some radio stations and cafe’s picked up her music and played them, and eventually the team from the show contacted Fye to invite her onto the program. 

“This single is a project that I fully invested in and wanted to do something I genuinely desire, which was creating a song in English,” says Fye. "This new single is a release where I feel like I've broken free from certain constraints. I have a clearer vision for my music, and I now know what I should do next and what I shouldn't.”

Behind the Song: 

This song started with Fye going to record with her producer as usual. “Normally, we start with recording the music groove first, and then I take the beat and compose the melody to go along with it”. 

When working on the melody, she tried singing random lyrics, and it turned out that the lyrics that came out were related to unclear relationships. It seems to relate to people in the present day, those who would only reach out to us when we post beautiful or sexy photos, coming and going without any stability. 

“We've been through this before, so maybe it's somewhere in the subconscious mind. Haha! So, I wanted to incorporate it into the song until it's finished. This time, I wanted it to be in English entirely, so I wanted someone with more experience in writing English lyrics to help make the song a success”. 

That's where Alex Syps, co-writer, comes in. Fye sent him a rough draft of the lyrics and he brought the song to life. “I've learned a lot from him ever since”. I sang the chorus lines in this song myself. It was so much fun and I feel this is my favourite single so far!”   

About Fyeqoodgurl: 

Fye is a former member of Thailand girl idol group BNK48, who’s had to fight for what she believes in from a very young age. She started her own youtube channel under ‘Fyeqoodgurl’ doing song covers and since then has built her own following and her own style. The ‘Q’ stands for queen.  

Fye has been very active on social media, including Instagram, YouTube and TikTok, and posting a lot of her song covers which has gained great support from fans and listeners. 

The 26-year-old former idol has soulful and clear vocals while having a very playful character which shines out in her videos, as evident by the popularity of her covers of ‘Hype Boy’ (3.5m views) and ‘Hurt’ (1.2m views). 

She was recently in Korea competing in a popular reality singing show called Queendom Puzzle, where she reached the semi-final stage. She’s releasing her fourth single “Lowkeyy”, with D.U.M.B Recordings. 

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