[Album Review] The Rose Serenade and Soothe with New Album "Dual"

The Rose is back with their second full-length album Dual released on 22nd September at 1 pm KST. The four-piece band is known for their soothing peaceful tones blended with rock. Dual contains 11 tracks including the title track 'You’re Beautiful' and 'Back To Me.'

The title track 'You’re Beautiful' was accompanied by a spellbindingly peaceful and serene music video. An important message of gently being reminded of your beauty is a penned letter to Black Roses the group's fandom. The main theme of the album is being aware of self-love, and insecurities and combating the power of overthinking.

The group recently joined Mindset, set out to guide and raise awareness on the importance of mental health. In the collaboration, the three-part video series will reflect and highlight attitudes and how they strive to be their best selves. The group's attitude and message, which is reflected in their album Dual, reminds their fans of the importance of self-care.


Each track has a visualizer video with lyrics for every track. The notable standout track 'Lifeline' is one of many tracks that follow a theme. The beauty of 'Lifeline' lies not only in Woosung's angelic vocals but also in the slow pace that emphasizes the storytelling. The pre-chorus builds with a glimmer of hope, allowing listeners to dream.

I know what it's like bein' hopeless

Bruises on your mind like it's broken

But there's a better life on the other side

So pick anywhere you like”

Dual acts as a hug on a rainy day, it’s there to guide listeners through those intrusive thoughts. Through their in-depth and retrospective lyrics, they deliver gentle reminders through their music. Weaving through various genres, the musicality speaks volume about how talented the group are. Rounding off the album, 'Wonder' is an upbeat and impactful song that explores the idea of everyone being the same and how we live our lives. The song follows a simplistic structure but has an effective rhythm of lyricism.

“Do you think there's still a chance?

May the people sing and dance

Who is here to lead the way or who wants to?

Do you think there's still a chance?

May the people sing and dance

Who is here to lead the way? We wonder”

Acting as a pondering tale, it's a positive and poignant way to end the album that is without a doubt their best work to date. 

Dual is out now on all available platforms to buy and stream. 

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